Will Blogging Help With SEO?

Will Blogging help with SEO?

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If you’re wondering how important Blogging is for your Business, I’m going to tell  you that its pretty important.  Want to know why?

Will Blogging Help With SEO?

First and foremost, Blogging WILL help with  SEO.  Now there are other reasons that are important and I’ll share a few with you later, but SEO is what is on every Small Business Owner’s mind it seems.  So with a resounding YES! I will tell you that blogging helps with SEO without a doubt. What does this mean exactly?  It means that if you’d like your website to appear higher up on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), then you need to be blogging. 

Why else should you blog?

Because, unlike any other media outlet, blogging gives your company a voice it can control, and I’m all about getting your voice out there!  Since blog writing is much more conversational than academic writing, a blog enables you to have a conversation with your customer using colloquial terms that are familiar to both parties.  It creates a place where you can talk about your services, highlight products, and inform your customers of the direction the market is taking.

Your blog also provides you with a repository of content to be shared via social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  This makes your blog an asset which can be referenced over and over again.  Write once and share everywhere.

Finally, a blog helps establish credibility and highlights your expertise.  Once people start reading and learning from you, they begin to trust you. The fact that they trust you sets you a few steps above the competition, doesn’t it?

What should you write about?

If the thought of writing causes you to wince and suddenly gives you writers block, then I’m going to give you your first 10 blog topics that should be real no-brainers for you to knock out since you’re the expert.  Ready?

  • Think about the top 10 questions your clients always seem to ask you.
  • Write them down
  • Write down the answers to those questions

BOOM! You have 10 blog posts ready to be published!

Don’t negate the power of consistent blog posts on your website.  There’s a lot of competition out there and you know what your competitors are doing that you’re not?  They’re blogging.  So let’s get to it and start blogging!

Still seems like a daunting task?

If you’re on board for blogging, but just can’t muster up the energy to knock out a blog post, no worries,  I can help.  Small Business Breakthrough offers ghostwriting services for clients such as yourself.  We can get your blog up and rolling in no time. Interested?  Drop me a line here.

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