Who is your Lighthouse Client

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What is a Lighthouse Client? Screenshot 2017-03-16 00.59.55

A lighthouse client is that one customer who uses your product or service and are receiving amazing results. They are that one client that provides you with considerable feedback and helps you refine future releases.

How do you identify who your Lighthouse client is?

Take a look at your clients. Who are the ones that love everything you produce?  Who are the first ones to refer to you for your expertise? Who are the ones that offer great feedback or send personal emails asking you when new items will hit the market, or when can we use your service again? Those are the types of people or the types of companies that you are going to want as your Lighthouse Client.

Once you’ve identified your Lighthouse client, you’ll want to do the following:

Create a content library.

This is where you collect and store all of your client’s assets, such as images, testimonials, videos, etc. This makes it easy to access for future projects and to refer to when they’re looking for the information.

Make sure that your efforts contribute to their online marketing goals.

By helping them achieve their online marketing goals, you’re adding to their bottom line.  Who doesn’t love this?

Keep the lines of communication open.

Communication is key to any successful relationship.  Through communication, you’re better able to assist them in building their business and brand

Do you know who your Lighthouse Client is?