Not sure what to post on Social Media? Remember these 5 things!

Not Sure What To Post On Social Media?

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Let’s face it, sometimes figuring out what to write for social media can be a little tough.  I get it, I write over 300 social media posts a week for myself and clients, and being original can sometimes seem so unoriginal at times.  If you’re not sure what to post, remember these 5 tips to creating the perfect social media post!

Not sure what to post on Social Media? Remember these 5 things!

1. Be Authentic.

What does it mean to be authentic?  Being authentic means being the same you online as you are in person. It means that you should be yourself and that you are representing yourself and your business in the same manner from which you’d like to be perceived, and the manner from which you are in real life.

2. Humanize your business.

Share with us the amazing people that work with you to create the business that you have.  Show us what makes it tick.  Let us see when someone joins the team or celebrates a major milestone in life.  The more we get to know you, the more we’ll like you.  The more we like you, the higher the odds are that we’ll want to work with you.

3. Don’t become stale.

Consider different ways to tell us your story.  Maybe the first time you told us, you used an image.  If that’s the case, then the second time consider using a video.

4. Be inspiring.

We want to succeed along with you.  Motivate us, inspire us, cheer us on too!  We want to feel like we are making a difference and that you understand what we’re going through.

5. Tell us your story

Don’t just push your products, let us get to know you.  Tell us why things are important, share your passion with us.  Take us along on the journey with you.

Guaranteed, if you stick to these 5 things, your posts will not only stand out, but they will be a breeze to write. Why?  Because nobody does you better than you do!


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