Time Management

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I feel like this is a topic that everyone has a small issue with in one way or another. When it comes to working from home or even running your own business, I think that we can all agree distractions are irrelevant.

Things are going to come up, and we could be steered away from our objectives. So how can we control this?

The Calendar 

Let’s begin with a calendar. I know it ‘s hard at first to get used to writing everything down. But let’s face it we all have a million things going through our minds at any given time. If we don’t write it down it could get lost in the midst of all the new information coming in.
I have issues myself writing things down, and putting things on a calendar is one major step I am taking in my time management steps.

Another thing that could help in your busy life is to make time for “Work Time” this is a set time in the day that you are designated to work. When you are on “Work Time” you should strive to stay on task and not deviate from your projects and tasks. I mean if your friend Paula text you for drinks try not to drop what you are doing and let her know you are available after your work time.

Now, this does not mean you could not make an exception if you are on schedule with your tasks and projects and can afford to take an hour off. Or you could even move your schedule around and add an hour to your work day and take that drink with Paula.

Morning Checklist 

Another thing you could do is take an hour every morning to check all of your emails and calls. From there you can prioritize what is important and what is not. This could potentially help you shorten your workload by getting rid of all the not so time sensitive assignments and move on to the more pressing ones.

I have to admit I would not say I am an unorganized person but I do need to start being a little more organized with my time. What do you do to organize your day?