What Others Are Saying

Have you worked with Claudia on one of your projects? We’d love to hear about your experience! Please send us a note, or if you are on LinkedIn, consider leaving a recommendation on Claudia’s LinkedIn Profile.

Nikita Pacheco
Owner, Kulture Konnect

Working with Claudia at Small Business Breakthrough has been a wonderful experience. You can depend on her to keep it real even if it is something you do not want to hear! She has a knack for crafting posts and is very organized and reliable. Thank you for helping us during the past year.

August 11, 2016, Kulture Konnect is Claudia’s client

Paul Owens
The Original Dog Whisperer

Claudia is a very creative professional and it’s great working with someone who does everything she says she will do and she does it on time. I would certainly recommend her to others.

July 4, 2016, Paul is Claudia’s client

Randal G. Winter
President Randal G. Winter Construction Inc.

Thank you for all of your help with our Social Media and Website maintenance. Since you have started working with us, we have noticed a significant increase in the amount of inquiries through our office.

You are easy to work with and you make it easy for us to understand how to maintain our own website.

Thank you for helping to set up our fan base and providing targeted Facebook ads. You have helped my business and expanded my Web and Social presence.
I greatly appreciate your expertise.

July 29, 2015, Randal G. is Claudia’s client

Gary Martin
Gary Martin
Director of Engineering at Mojave Water Agency

We selected Claudia Sheridan to provide social media services for our 2014 campaign for election to the Castaic Lake Water Agency Board of Directors. Claudia built a dedicated website for the campaign and provided continuous social media services to help get our message out to the Santa Clarita Valley community. Claudia was professional, responsive and kept the costs within our limited budget. She was genuinely a pleasure to work with. But more importantly, she became a vital part of our campaign team and given the success of being selected by almost 75% of those who cast a ballot in our race, I can only conclude that we accomplished our goals and more! I would highly recommend Claudia to anyone who needs this important service (and who doesn’t these days?).
Gary Martin

November 6, 2014, Gary is Claudia’s client

Eve Bushman
Eve Bushman
Owner at Eve Bushman Consulting

I’ve suggested to my own clients that they hire Claudia Sheridan for all of their social networking needs. She meets with them and designs a social media strategy to cover all of the bases. What I find truly remarkable is that when I see one of her Facebook posts or tweets for one of the businesses she works with I can’t tell if she wrote it or the business owner has. Claudia has a way of representing companies by using their voice and in a way that builds their brand.

March 7, 2014, Eve works with Claudia on various projects

Jason Price
Jason Price
Enterprise Consultant, Training & Adoption Management

Claudia and I worked closely together for 3 months, designing and building a website for a Belgian beer festival and promoting it across multiple channels on a shoestring budget. It was a pleasure to work with her, between her deep understanding of social media and her lively personality. She juggled multiple aspects over tight deadlines and never dropped a ball. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat.

March 15, 2014, Jason worked with Claudia on a Client’s Project

Peter Goossens
Peter Goossens
Wing Leader, Goose On The Loose Productions

I have hired Claudia to be responsible for the Social Media component of our marketing campaigns for several projects in the past. Claudia is a true expert in the field of Social Media and has a deep and detailed knowledge.

Her solutions are always a major component of our integral marketing strategy, resulting in excellent results, therefore making her services an excellent value. I highly recommend her expertise. Claudia, without a doubt, will be part of the future marketing efforts for our diverse projects!

March 10, 2014, Peter is Claudia’s client