Will Blogging Help With SEO?

Will Blogging help with SEO?

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If you’re wondering how important Blogging is for your Business, I’m going to tell  you that its pretty important.  Want to know why? First and foremost, Blogging WILL help with  SEO.  Now there are other reasons that are important and I’ll share a few with you later, but SEO is what is on every Small Business Owner’s mind it seems.  So …

Don't Let Your Nephew Build Your Website For Free

Don't Let Your Nephew Build Your Website For Free

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Why Do You Need A Website? I remember teaching Introduction to eCommerce Management back in 2000 to graduate students at the University of Dallas, Graduate School of Management. The fact that they were enrolled in the course was a testament to their understanding of the Internet. We weren’t discussing top level domains, but rather the actual act of conducting business …