Social Media Trending Topics For 12/6 – 12/12

Claudia Sheridan Trending Topics




Sunday, December 6

  • Holidays: First day of Hanukkah, Miners’ Day, Microwave Oven Day, Put on Your Own Shoes, St. Nicholas Day
  • This Day In History: Washington Monument is complete (1942)  #ThisDayInHistory

Monday, December 7

  • Holidays: Letter Writing Day, International Civil Aviation Day, National Cotton Candy Day, Pearl Harbor Day
  • This Day In History: Delaware becomes the first state of the United States (1787) #ThisDayInHistory

Tuesday, December 8

  • Holidays: National Brownie Day
  • Television: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (CBS 10pm)
  • This Day In History: Mary Queen of Scotts is born (1542) #ThisDayInHistory #Reign

Wednesday, December 9

  • Holidays: Christmas Card Day, National Pastry Day, International Anti-Corruption Day, World Techno Day
  • This Day In History: “I Am Woman” by Helen Reddy tops the U.S. pop charts (1972) #ThisDayInHistory

Thursday, December 10

  • Holiday: Human Rights Day, Lager Day
  • Television Premieres: Michael Buble’s Christmas in Hollywood (NBC 8pm)
  • This Day In History:The International Committee of the Red Cross receives the Nobel Peace Prize (1917)#ThisDayInHistory

Friday, December 11

  • Holidays: National Noodle Ring Day, International Mountain Day
  • Television Premieres: 84th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade (CW 8pm)
  • This Day In History: Buffalo Bill Cody makes his first stage in The Scouts of the Prairie (1872) #ThisDayInHistory

Saturday, December 12

  • Holidays: Poinsettia Day, National Dina-a-Ling Day, Cocoa Day, Gingerbread House Day
  • This Day In History: Da Vinci’s notebook sells for $5,126,000 (1980) #ThisDayInHistory