“If you were to give a one-sentence tip to a small business owner just starting out with social media, what would you say?”

This question was recently posted by Constant Contact to business owners, marketers, social media professionals, and many others.  I came across this question while reading their blog and it got me thinking.  What one-sentence tip do I give small business owners when they ask me about social media?  Want to know what I’d say?

“Pick the platform you’re most comfortable with and start there.”

I think the most people starting out with social media find it intimidating, and I can’t blame them.  I mean there are numerous platforms to consider – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Marco, and that’s just the first 10 that come to mind.  So where do you start?  You start with the one you’re most familiar with.  If you have a Facebook account and you’re comfortable with Facebook, then start there.  If you tweet, then start on Twitter.  You get the idea.

True, there may be platforms that are better suited for your business than another one.  But, chances are that if you need to learn an entirely new way of being social online, then you may not remain active.  Social Media is all about being social.  It is human nature for us to be more active in social settings where we feel the most comfortable.  So, with that in mind, if you’re a small business owner starting out with social media, my advise is to pick the platform you’re most comfortable with and start there.

Read Constant Contact’s original blog post here

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