The power of the words – Thank You

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Two words with the power to change everything.

The words Thank You seem natural, and it is probably a term that you use on a daily basis. What if all it took to change someone’s day around was just showing a little appreciation?

Even though you may never know how you changed that person’s day it is just the little things that matter. I found that when it comes to social media, appreciation comes in different forms such as comments, photos or even just likes on your page.

But what do you do then?

If you’re working on building your personal brand, there are a few things that you can do:

  • Take the time to document those moments. Ask the person you are receiving the comment from for permission to reuse that “Thank You” in the future.
  • Keep a list of people who have shown appreciation towards you in the past. Think of it as a business card or your contact list. For example, you wouldn’t go to a convention to meet new people and then walk away without asking how to contact them. If you plan on reaching out to them, you’ll want to collect their business card or contact information. This helps you continue to build a relationship with that person. Now you might not be “Best of Friends, ” but you do have a way to reach out to those people if you ever need help with something.
  • Continue the conversation. Remember to keep in touch with the person and reciprocate if they’ve done something to help you.

How can saying Thank You help you in the long run?

Do you follow Social Media influencers like Mari Smith or Dennis Yu? Well if you’ve watched any of their many videos, then you probably have commented saying “Thank you for your time” or ” Thank you so much I learned a lot!”.  Letting them know that you appreciate the content is not only a kind gesture, but it could potentially lead to being so much more. For example, they could acknowledge you with a response and could ultimately lead to them recognizing you in the future.  Their acknowledgment could eventually drive some traffic to you.

So remember to say…

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