Why Having Multiple Facebook Accounts Is Not A Good Idea

Why Having Multiple Facebook Accounts Is Not A Good Idea

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I’ve seen an increase in Facebook friends with multiple Facebook accounts – one for business and one for personal. 

Pretty clever, right? Maybe not, and here’s why.

Why Having Multiple Facebook Accounts Is Not A Good Idea

Reasons why people do this

I’m sure that there are a myriad of reasons as to why people do this, but here are the two reasons I hear most often:

(1) I want to keep my business account separate from my personal account

I get it, work time is work time and personal time is not work time.  When you’re working, you probably think about how to better promote your business.  When you’re not working, you probably don’t want to be bothered with work. Totally understandable.

But there’s a correct way to do this on Facebook.  Adjust your privacy settings so that only your family and friends and connect with you through Facebook.  Remember to approve friend requests from only those individuals you want to connect with outside of work.

Then,  from your personal Facebook page, create a separate Facebook Page for business.  Whereas your Facebook Business Page will be available to the public, your personal page will ONLY be visible with those individuals that you’ve specified through your privacy settings.

(2) If I have a regular Facebook profile page for my business, then all of my friends see my business posts, but if I have a business page on Facebook, then only a few of my followers will see my posts.

Yes, you are absolutely correct. Facebook has an algorithm which serves  Facebook Page posts to a subset of your Page’s followers.  The algorithm takes into account multiple factors that enables Facebook to feed the post to those followers that are most likely to appreciate the content you’ve posted.  Despite what many business owners think — it’s not personal, it’s an algorithm.

Facebook’s algorithm takes into account the end viewer of the content, your followers.  Facebook then shows content to individuals who are most likely to enjoy the type of content that you’ve posted.  It’s not about you, the business page, it’s about the person end viewer.  If a viewer engages with your contents and likes it, they will see more of it.  If they don’t, they will see less.  Although face book’s algorithm is much more complicated than that, it is also really rather simple –

[clickToTweet tweet=”If you want more Facebook user to see your content, post more of what they want to see.” quote=”If you want more people to see your content, post more of what they want to see.”]

Why you shouldn’t have multiple Facebook accounts.

Your “friends” really don’t like it.

Your friends don’t want to be marketed to all the time.  Originally they may have become friends with your new account out of support, or maybe they thought that they were actually becoming friends with you.  Why not use your account to create a relationship based on common interest and friendship, rather than one  based solely on whatever your pushing today?

Facebook will catch on and remove your accounts.

It may not happen right away, but it WILL happen.  Creating multiple accounts, and then working those accounts to plaster your brand in front of all of your friends is considered a “blackhat” technique and is frowned upon by all social media platforms.   

It’s a violation of the Facebook Terms Of Service that you agree to by opening an account.

Facebook specifically states in their terms that “You will not create more than one personal account” and that “You will not use your personal timeline primarily for your own commercial gain, and will use a Facebook Page for such purposes”.  [View Facebook’s Terms Of Service]

It’s not that big of a deal

I get it, you may think that this isn’t a big deal.  But here’s one final thought for you to ponder…….. If you knowingly violate Facebook’s terms daily, what does that say about you as a business professional and your business practices?

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