Move your CardMunch Scans to Evernote

LinkedIn CardMunch – Discontinued?

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Move your CardMunch Scans to EvernoteOh the irony.  Just last week I posted CardMunch as one of my Friday Finds, and today I received an email from LinkedIn saying that it was being discontinued as of July 11, 2014.

If you use CardMunch, like I do, to enter business cards into your address book, and you’re account was registered with CardMunch, then don’t worry, LinkedIn hasn’t left us out in the cold.  LinkedIn entered into a partnership with Evernote, who specializes with helping business owners like us, work smarter.  Evernote has a tool which is supposed to be faster and more robust.  Evernote’s card scanning service is part of their Premium service, but because of LinkedIn’s partnership with them, existing CardMunch users get to utilize the card scanning service free for the next 2 years.

How to transfer from CardMunch to Evernote

  • If you are registered user, check your inbox.  You should have received an email from LinkedIn with Important News About CardMunch.  If its not in your inbox, check your spam folder.
    • From within the email, click the Transfer your data to Evernote button
    • Either create an account on Evernote, or simply sign in if you already have an account
    • Follow the prompts and wait for an email from Evernote stating that your data has been transferred
  • If you are a registered CardMunch user and can’t find your email, then go here to request the data transfer to Evernote

If you want to download your information from LinkedIn CardMunch and forego the 2 years of free card scanning services from Evernote, then you’ll need to request a download of your data from LinkedIn.  Here’s the link to make your request:

I just completed the process and am anxious to see how Evernote handles my business cards from here on out.   Have you used Evernote for business cards?  What has been your experience?

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