How to Grow Your Twitter Followers

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One of the most frustrating things on Twitter is undoubtedly when you try to grow your list of Twitter followers.

In Field of Dreams, we learned that if you “build it, they will come”. But that’s not necessarily the case when it comes to Twitter.

You see, as of the moment of this post, Twitter reports having an average of 302 million monthly active users averaging 500 million tweets per day.

How much is 302 million users? Well, according to the US Census, the United States population on July 4, 2014 was just under 319 million people. So it’s as if you were having a pool party and every single person in the United States, except the residents of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia showed up. Why not those 3? No reason other than the fact that the numbers worked out. Point being – it’s A LOT of people!

How to Grow Your Twitter Followers

Ok, let’s focus. If you’re trying to get noticed in a sea of people you’ll need to make a little effort. Here are a couple of suggestions:

Follow others.

When you follow others, you let them know of your existence. Begin to engage with their posts. Every time you “favorite” a post or retweet a post, they will receive a notification. Often times when a person knows that you appreciate their content, they will follow your account to learn more about you. This is where you become interesting!

Post interesting things

Gone are the days of simply posting what you’re having for lunch or how tired you were this morning when you woke up. Today Twitter users are much more sophisticated and they have higher expectations. Post something of value and of interest. You’ll know your on the right track when people start to “favorite” and retweet your posts.

Add a follow button on your website

You have a website, so use it. Make sure that people know how to contact you and follow you on Twitter, and that they are able to easily do so through your website.

Promote your @username

Bring awareness to your Twitter account by letting others know your username on twitter. Put is on your business card, add it to your email signature, and add it to your promotional items.

Add Me

I know how you can get one more follower. Email your Twitter @username to and I’ll look for you on Twitter! In the meantime, you’ll find me on Twitter as @csheridan.

As with anything, getting noticed takes a little effort. What else could you do to get more followers on Twitter?

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