How To Export Your LinkedIn Connections

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LinkedIn affords us the opportunity to build a professional network full of influential people, thought leaders and invaluable business contacts.  But what happens if one day LinkedIn were to go away?  I shutter at the thought, but you never know right?  So just in case armageddon where to target LinkedIn, I’m going to show you how to export your LinkedIn connections.  Ready?

How to export your LinkedIn connections list:

1. Move your cursor over Network at the top of your homepage and select Contacts.

Find your LinkedIn Network Connections to Export

2. Click the Settings icon near the top right to reach the Contact Settings page.

LinkedIn Connections Settings

3. Under Advanced Settings on the right, click Export LinkedIn Connections.

How To Export LinkedIn Connections

4. Enter the security verification text if prompted and then click Continue.

5. Click Export.

Exporting LinkedIn Connections

6. Save the file somewhere you can easily find it, like your computer’s desktop.

7. Open the file and print. (optional)

There you have it, simple.


Whether you’re active on LinkedIn or not, it’s important to have a back-up copy of your connections.  Since I know that my connections change jobs, resulting in new email addresses, I make sure to export my LinkedIn connections regularly. As for how often you should export them, well that’s up to you.

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