You may be thinking, why should I have a website page when Facebook can become my web page. 

Well, the reasons why I would continue to keep my business website is for marketing. Facebook should not be killing your website but rather be used as a tool to funnel people in your website’s direction.

As we all know the days of going to your town’s local barbershop to hear about the news and pass on reviews of products you purchased or a service you received are virtually nonexistent. A lot of people rely on social media to find out what is going on in the world. I know that I, for one, will take the review about a new phone from a friend over the information I received from the guy at the Verizon store. The new barbershop is your social media site. So why not use it to your advantage?

Just the other day, I heard my friend’s dad ask, “how do I bring my website from the second page on Google to the first?”

Well,  you could always take the easy way and pay to have your website show up first on Google. A lot of people do this, and it works.

But being old school, my friend’s dad isn’t too familiar with everything that the internet has to offer and he doesn’t want to spend money promoting his website. So this probably won’t be his favorite option.

Another option is to increase traffic organically. Organically is when you drive traffic, but you’re not spending money for it. How is this done, you may ask? Get on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.

Since Facebook is one of the easier ones to connect with, start with Facebook. Chances are that you’re already using it to connect with family and friends. For your business, you’ll want to get a business Page going and link your website to it. Then, start referring traffic from your Facebook Page to your website.  Once you start gaining traffic, you may consider running ads to drive additional traffic. Increasing traffic to your website will naturally bring your website up higher in Google’s Search results.

But like I said before, my friend’s dad is all about Organic reach and spending as little as they digital marketing and that is ok. Paid marketing may not for everyone. But if you are looking to grow your business and drive traffic to your site, consider running ads on Facebook.

Your website is not dead.  You may just need a little help feeding the beast that is your website.

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