Using Checklists to streamline your social media


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What is a checklist? A checklist is a list of items required, things to be done, or points to be considered.

A checklist is something that is not going to be the same for everyone, especially when it comes to your particular type of business.

How should I start my checklist?

Your checklist is tailored to your business, and the best way to come up with a checklist would be to apply the things you say and do every day and put it down on paper. See it can be that simple. When you hire a new person into your business wouldn’t it be easy to have them follow a set list of things to do for the job rather than use precious time and money to sit down and explain everything?

As the saying goes “Time is Money.” Knowing you have a proven method that works and is driving your company already is one thing. But now it’s time to take those steps and put them on paper.

Example: I own a small business, and I hire a new receptionist. But I have my checklist in place for her to follow starting on the first day of work…

  • Clock in
  • Check work calendarScreenshot 2017-03-16 21.57.31
  • Answer phone calls
  • Schedule appointments
  • Check emails
  • Clock out

Now that we have our checklist in place all she has to do is follow a proven method that works, and she will excel at her new job position.

Why are checklists important?

With checklists, there’s a written paper trail showing accountability for each leg of any project. With a basic framework that you can look back on. When you have a checklist, it makes it easier to delegate work when you are not able to do that job yourself.

How much easier could it get?

As we can see Checklists are the way to go. If your company or small business does not have a checklist process set in place then maybe you should take the time to set one up.

What processes do you have that could benefit from a checklist?