Will Blogging Help With SEO?

Will Blogging help with SEO?

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If you’re wondering how important Blogging is for your Business, I’m going to tell  you that its pretty important.  Want to know why? First and foremost, Blogging WILL help with  SEO.  Now there are other reasons that are important and I’ll share a few with you later, but SEO is what is on every Small Business Owner’s mind it seems.  So …

7 Rules For A More Effective Blog

7 Rules For A More Effective Blog

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You have a business blog, now what? You’re trying to do everything right. You’ve created your website to showcase your business offerings. You’ve included great images and client testimonials. You have a contact page so people can get in touch with you. And you’ve been told that you needed a blog, so you created one. Yeah – you have a …

Update All In One SEO Pack for WordPress Now!

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All In One SEO Pack Security Risk Last night I received an email from my hosting company informing me of a vulnerability in the All In One SEO Pack plug-in for WordPress.  If you are using this plug-in for your website, please take a moment to upgrade it now to the latest version (currently 2.1.7) avoid any unnecessary exposure. What …

3 SEO Tips You Can Implement Today

3 SEO Tips You Can Implement Today

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What is SEO? SEO seems to be on every business owners mind lately. The most common question I receive from my clients is, “am I doing SEO correctly?” In order to understand if you’re doing SEO correctly, you’ll need to have an understanding of what SEO actually is. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and many website owners …