Move your CardMunch Scans to Evernote

LinkedIn CardMunch – Discontinued?

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Oh the irony.  Just last week I posted CardMunch as one of my Friday Finds, and today I received an email from LinkedIn saying that it was being discontinued as of July 11, 2014. If you use CardMunch, like I do, to enter business cards into your address book, and you’re account was registered with CardMunch, then don’t worry, LinkedIn …

How To Export Your LinkedIn Connections

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LinkedIn affords us the opportunity to build a professional network full of influential people, thought leaders and invaluable business contacts.  But what happens if one day LinkedIn were to go away?  I shutter at the thought, but you never know right?  So just in case armageddon where to target LinkedIn, I’m going to show you how to export your LinkedIn …

What do LinkedIn and Kevin Bacon have in common

What do LinkedIn and Kevin Bacon have in common?

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You’ve heard about LinkedIn, and you’ve been told that you should be on it, but you’re not quite sure what it is. Let me see if I can help. LinkedIn is the premier professional business networking site with over 250 million members and growing. LinkedIn is probably most utilized by job seekers and recruiters, however, there’s a growing number of …