Business Tools I Use

I’m often asked about the business tools I utilize to manage hundreds of social media accounts. Below is a list of the tools I’m currently using, or I’ve used in the past, that have helped me get a handle on it all.

Please know that the links may include affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small amount of compensation for the referral.

  • Google Apps For Work – There’s no denying the power behind Google and the stability of their infrastructure. This is why I trust them as the email provider for myself and my team. I also utilize Google Docs and Google Sheets daily to collaborate with others.
  • Constant Contact – Constant Contact is probably one of the most well-known Email Marketing tools utilized by businesses.  It’s not only easy to use, but it also manages all of the subscriber preferences so that you remain in compliance.  As a Constant Contact Certified Solutions Provider, I’m able to assist my clients with their email marketing campaigns while having the power of Constant Contact’s Team available to assist every step of the way.
  • ConvertKit – ConvertKit is an awesome tool for any business looking to create a marketing funnel campaign through their social media efforts. Although ConvertKit is not a CRM tool, it allows you to tag email subscribers so that they receive the emails that pertain to their interests.
  • DocuSign – I use DocuSign for all of our Agreements.  DocuSign makes it easy to obtain digital signatures and stores them in a secure environment.
  • Vonage – I utilize Vonage as my VoIP phone carrier for the business line.  Voicemails come to me as emails and text messages, which is extremely convenient.  I’m also able to log-in to Vonage’s website and listen to message recordings.  The price is affordable, and the service has been reliable.

I’ll continue to update this page with more tools as I feel comfortable recommending them. Are there any tools that a must-have in your business toolbox?  Drop me a line at and let me know what they are!