5 Ways To Stand Out On Instagram

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Instagram has taken it’s place as one of the youngest and most successful social media platforms there is.  So what is Instagram?  It is a visual platform which allows you to showcase everything from distant lands to the latest fashions. If you’re not using Instagram to market your business, maybe you should be.  Consider this:

Instagram has over 300 million monthly active users and Facebook, Instagram’s owner, projects it to go to 1 billion users within the next 3 years.

5 ways to stand out on instagram

Here are 5 ways to help you stand out from the pack:

1. Include your contact information in your description

Unlike other platforms, Instagram does not allow for clickable links in the comments section of your photos. However you can place a clickable link in your bio.  With 150 characters to identify yourself in your bio, make sure that you utilize it to include the ways that potential customers can contact you.

2. Consider a different perspective

There are different types of users on Instagram.  There are personal users, business users, advertisers, etc.  Before posting, however, consider who your audience is and consider your post from their perspective.  Make sure that you’re able to appeal to the type of user you are trying to attract.

3. Make your images crisp and clear

Don’t be the company that posts blurry images.  People want to see quality photos with crisp colors and clear shapes.  Make sure that you are aware of which images you are using and that you utilize only the ones that you would like to reflect your brand.

4. Give your followers a reason to want to follow you.

Give your audience more of what they want, but in order to do so, you really need to understand your Instagram audience.  Companies will often think that they can post the same content across all of their Social Media platforms, but the reality is that your Instagram followers may may want something different than your Facebook followers do.

5.  Treat your Instagram profile like your brand’s lifestyle magazine.

Post content that users can’t really see anywhere else.  Examples can include behind the scenes photos or sneak peak of what’s to come.  Be unique, be different and don’t be afraid to experiment.  [clickToTweet tweet=”Don’t forget to tell your story on Instagram! via @scvclaudia #socialmediatip” quote=”Most importantly, don’t forget to tell your story on Instagram.”]

What are you doing to make your Instagram profile stand out?

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