Emojis, those cute little icons that appear in texts and emails, are a great way to infuse some personality into your social media and email marketing campaigns.  However, you may be using them wrong.

Here are 5 popular emojis that don’t mean what you think they mean:

Dancing Twins

These cute ballerinas are often used to indicate best friends or a girl’s night out.  But, did you know that this emoji’s original intent was to suggest Adult Entertainment?  Think Playboy Bunnies, or Bunny Girls, as they are referred to in Japan.

Tip:  Unless you’re sending this emoji to a good friend, you probably want to steer clear of this emoji in your marketing efforts.


emoji-whateverOk Ladies, admit it, we’ve all used this emoji once or twice, right?  This emoji screams “whatever” or “holla” when used in a text message, however, it’s original meaning is a customer service representative.  Maybe it would have helped to add a headset?

Tip: Consider the context of the message when using this emoji.

Jazz Hands

So many thoughts come to mind with this emoji. Is it a double high five or jazz hands? Maybe a gentle push in the right direction, or will you be “tuning in Tokyo” later?  Whatever your intention, you should probably know that this emoji actually means that you want to give someone a HUG.

Tip: If you plan on hugging it out, this is the emoji you’re going to want to include in your message.

Home is where the heart is

 Yeah, not so much.  I’ve seen this emoji come through on inspiring, feel-good emails.  Where we’d like to think that Home is truly where the heart is, this emoji is saying everything BUT THAT! Probably one of the most trashy emojis there is, this emoji actually represents a love hotel – you know the ones that rent out by the hour?  Think about it.

Tip:  AVOID using this in any marketing, unless of course, your business is a love hotel, then congrats on having your own emoji!

Shooting Star

emoji-dizzy starIn a world of kudos, this emoji is often used to depict a shooting star, sure looks like one, doesn’t it?  What this emoji actually represents, however, is someone who is dizzy.  That’s right, dizzy.  Think back to those Saturday morning cartoons, remember when an anvil would fall on Wild E Coyote’s head and little birds and stars would appear?  Take the birdies out and this little emoji could be one of those spinning stars.

Tip: It’s a star. Enjoy it!

Ok, there you have it, 5 emojis that you’ve probably been using ALL wrong.  The lesson here is to think before you send out your marketing campaigns.  I love how emoji’s let you add a little life into a message, but just make sure that you’re sending the right message!

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