When it comes to deciding what to post on Facebook and Twitter, you’d think that most people know what to share and what to not share.  But,  just in case the common sense meter is running on empty today, here’s a list of 21 things that Small Business Owners should NOT be sharing on the Company’s social media sites.

  1. The dates of your next vacation
  2. The names of your worst clients
  3. How your date went last night
  4. Pictures of your feet at the ocean or the pool, or anywhere else for that matter
  5. Political opinions
  6. Pictures of you in any type of compromising position
  7. Complaints about any of your clients
  8. Details of your crazy Friday night out with friends
  9. Your daily schedule (you don’t need anyone breaking into your office or house today)
  10. What you had for breakfast (unless this relates to your business somehow)
  11. Personal or business drama
  12. Financial information of any type
  13. Photos of your children
  14. Your personal address or anything with your address on it
  15. Facebook game updates
  16. Ask for sympathy
  17. False or untrue statements about anybody
  18. Confessions or declarations of love
  19. Vague posts – such as “hmmm, that’s odd” or “Alrighty then…” and nothing else
  20. The number of new followers for the week
  21. The number of fans or followers that stopped liking your page this week

What did I miss? Please comment below to share your thoughts on other items that should be included on this list.

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