#1 Mistake Small Businesses Make On Social Media

#1 Mistake Small Businesses Make In Social Media

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Social Media is about creating online relationships with other individuals.  It offers a medium for small businesses to interact with potential customers, to influence purchasing decisions and to establish a presence.  Social Media is part of your marketing plan.

Yet, business owners make mistakes every day and according to a group of Social Media Marketing Professionals on LinkedIn, the following is a list of the #1 mistakes small business owners are making when it comes to social media marketing:

Claudia Sheridan – “I think that one of the biggest mistakes is that the businesses tend to let their social media fade away. They start off strong, but then ultimately they just kind of disappear.” – Claudia Sheridan, Your Voice In Social Media


Sean Gallahar– “One mistake is not marketing at all through social media, or being afraid to set up a budget for marketing.” – Sean Gallahar,  Social Media Guy for I7 Marketing


David Mostert– “Thinking that anyone in the office can handle the company’s social media, after all, it is only Facebook and Twitter.” – David J. Mostert, Marketing Executive at TechnoTan Australia


Marie Roker-Jones, Raising Great Men– “Not creating a plan or using the right platform to reach their target audience.” Marie Roker-Jones, Founder-Raising Great Men.


Claudia Sheridan– “I think another huge mistake small businesses make is that they forget to actually come up with some type of plan or strategy. For some owners, social media is viewed as a waste of time, but isn’t that the case with most things that we’re not invested in? Social media can be a very powerful tool if done with purpose.” – Claudia Sheridan, Your Voice In Social Media

So which one is the #1 mistake?  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that these are all equally important.  Are you guilty of making an of these mistakes?  If so, let’s talk!

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