Facebook Algorithm Changes AGain

The New Facebook Algorithm Affects Your Business Page

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Wondering where your reach went? Well, Facebook changed their algorithm again. In a news release by Facebook Engineers, made Feb 1st, they announced that their most recent change will bring users more of what they want to see vs. what they are being presented with now. Share Share Tweet +1 Pin

Social Media Trending Topics For 01/17 – 01/23

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    The Month of January Awareness: Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month Health: Celebration of Life Month, Weight Loss Awareness Month, Blood Donor Month Fun: Get Organized Month, Hot Tea Month, Soup Month, Oatmeal Month, Mentoring Month, International Creativity Month Sunday, January 17 Holidays: Bootlegger’s Day, Hot Buttered Rum Day This Day In History: The Northridge quake rocks Los Angeles to a tune …

Why Isn’t My Facebook Ad Getting Approved?

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With the Holiday Season in full force, you may want to take advantage of Facebook Ads to get the word out about your products and/or services.  But, to be honest, crafting an Ad can be a bit frustrating at times.  Why?  Well, because Facebook doesn’t always approve the Ad. The three most common reasons why your Facebook Ads may not …

Free Social Media Gifts For The Holidays

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Having just completed the longest shortest week of the year, you must be exhausted!  In the spirit of giving, I’d like to give you 10 images that you can use to fill some space in your social media posting calendar.  The only thing I ask is that they not be altered or sold. xoxo, Claudia 2 ways to download: Individual …

Social Media Trending Topics For 11/22 – 11/28

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Sunday, November 22 Holidays: Go For A Ride Day, Cashew Day Television Premieres: 2015 American Music Awards (ABC 8pm ET) #AMAs This Day In History: President John F. Kennedy was assassinated (1963)  #ThisDayInHistory Monday, November 23 Holidays: Espresso Day #coffeelovers #caffeine This Day In History: Billy The Kid was born (1859) #ThisDayInHistory Tuesday, November 24 Holidays: Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day, …

Medical Malpractice and Litigation – Use Good Judgment When You Are On-Line

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It’s all too easy to confuse real life with online life, especially when we’re going through life events where we seek support from friends.  Monica Needham, Attorney with Needham Law Firm, posted a very valuable reminder to anyone who may find themselves in court one day.  When I saw it, I felt that it served as a great reminder of those …

What to post on Social Media: Combating Social Media Writer's Block

What to post on Social Media: Combating Social Media Writer’s Block

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My name is Claudia and I sometimes suffer of “SMWB”. Social Media Writers Block. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s when you want to post something on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or other social media outlet, but you simply just don’t know what to write. It happens and I’m here to tell you that everything will be ok. Why? Because …

Will Facebook Release A Dislike Button?

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In a recent Facebook town hall meeting, Mark Zuckerberg was posed the question of having a dislike button.  The question came from a Facebook User in Egypt.  He stated: “We need to have more options than just a “Like” button. Why don’t we have other options like “I’m Sorry”, “Interesting”, or “Dislike”? “ What do you think?  Should Facebook have …

Using Social Media During The Holidays

Social Media During The Holidays

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Believe it or not, the Holiday Season is about to begin!  Labor Day marks the beginning of one busy time of year for most of us.  School is back in session, which means that most of us are back to our old routines. But in just a few weeks, you’ll start receiving Halloween party invitations, then Thanksgiving, then, then, then.  …