Social Media Trending Topics For 11/22 – 11/28

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Sunday, November 22 Holidays: Go For A Ride Day, Cashew Day Television Premieres: 2015 American Music Awards (ABC 8pm ET) #AMAs This Day In History: President John F. Kennedy was assassinated (1963)  #ThisDayInHistory Monday, November 23 Holidays: Espresso Day #coffeelovers #caffeine This Day In History: Billy The Kid was born (1859) #ThisDayInHistory Tuesday, November 24 Holidays: Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day, …

Medical Malpractice and Litigation – Use Good Judgment When You Are On-Line

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It’s all too easy to confuse real life with online life, especially when we’re going through life events where we seek support from friends.  Monica Needham, Attorney with Needham Law Firm, posted a very valuable reminder to anyone who may find themselves in court one day.  When I saw it, I felt that it served as a great reminder of those …

What to post on Social Media: Combating Social Media Writer's Block

What to post on Social Media: Combating Social Media Writer’s Block

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My name is Claudia and I sometimes suffer of “SMWB”. Social Media Writers Block. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s when you want to post something on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or other social media outlet, but you simply just don’t know what to write. It happens and I’m here to tell you that everything will be ok. Why? Because …

Will Facebook Release A Dislike Button?

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In a recent Facebook town hall meeting, Mark Zuckerberg was posed the question of having a dislike button.  The question came from a Facebook User in Egypt.  He stated: “We need to have more options than just a “Like” button. Why don’t we have other options like “I’m Sorry”, “Interesting”, or “Dislike”? “ What do you think?  Should Facebook have …

Using Social Media During The Holidays

Social Media During The Holidays

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Believe it or not, the Holiday Season is about to begin!  Labor Day marks the beginning of one busy time of year for most of us.  School is back in session, which means that most of us are back to our old routines. But in just a few weeks, you’ll start receiving Halloween party invitations, then Thanksgiving, then, then, then.  …

Facebook Hits Major Milestone

Facebook Reaches One Billion People In A Single Day

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If you logged in to Facebook on Monday, August 24, 2015, then you helped make a little bit of Facebook History! On Monday, Mark Zuckerberg announced that ONE BILLION people used Facebook in a single day.  If you break that down, that means that 1 in 7 people in the WORLD logged into Facebook on the same day. One in seven …

Will Blogging Help With SEO?

Will Blogging help with SEO?

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If you’re wondering how important Blogging is for your Business, I’m going to tell  you that its pretty important.  Want to know why? First and foremost, Blogging WILL help with  SEO.  Now there are other reasons that are important and I’ll share a few with you later, but SEO is what is on every Small Business Owner’s mind it seems.  So …

Why Having Multiple Facebook Accounts Is Not A Good Idea

Why Having Multiple Facebook Accounts Is Not A Good Idea

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I’ve seen an increase in Facebook friends with multiple Facebook accounts – one for business and one for personal.  Pretty clever, right? Maybe not, and here’s why. Reasons why people do this I’m sure that there are a myriad of reasons as to why people do this, but here are the two reasons I hear most often: (1) I want …

Practice Safe Facebooking – Don’t Get Facebook Hacked

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Whereas we’d love to think that everybody in the world is inherently good, there are people in the world that find joy in creating havoc for Facebook users.  And by havoc, I mean hacking. So here’s a ***WARNING*** – If you receive a message asking you to “VERIFY” your Facebook account, make sure that the request is actually coming from …